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handshakeDacsmarketing is an information platform for young entrepreneurs, especially self starters and small business groups who are aspiring to become successful both off- and online. You will find on this website advices, tutorials, issues, tools and topics that can help you achieve this goal. Starting up a business is not an easy task. It requires patience, skills and adequate knowledge about both your chosen field and if applicable the internet platform also.

It is therefore advisable to do proper research and planning before starting. Are you planning to be your own boss, form partnership with others or buy an existing business? Starting your own business can be very lucrative but needs a lot of hard work, find out first if this is the right decision for you. However if you think you are on the right path, take the next step, which is a good business idea.

To have a good business idea, is usually not as easy as it sounds, it's therefore very important to make research and develop on your business idea. Bear in mind that, your potential competitors may be highly skilled and probably have lots of years of experience. Gather information about the potential demand for your product or service. Is there any better way you can present your goods and services different from your competitors and will this meet the demands of your potential customers?

Research the market at the planning stage to see what your competitors are offering for what price, kinds of tools they use. What age groups, gender will be your potential customers and what will be their preferences.The possible risks and dangers you might face and if there are opportunities to grow and increase profits?

The next step is creating a site (if you choose to go online)and submitting it to the different search engines so that your products and services will be found by potential users. It is also very important to continuously upgrade the content of your site in order to be ranked high by search engines and improve the quality of your internet business. Joining help desk, forums, chat rooms, blogs, social networks etc. and leaving back links to your site often helps to make your business known to the internet community. The internet is one of the best ways to present your company and attracting new to customers.

10 resasons why you should read our articles:

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  • You are making big loses with your present advertising strategy. Learn how to improve this through online advertising e.g. Google Adwords or banner –marketing to achieve success.
  • You have huge traffic on your site but you rarely sell your products. Learn how to properly design your site and make your visitors become your potential buyers
  • Yo have invested a lot of time and energy in creating your site but haven’t made a financial success. Learn how to make money with your website.
  • You wish to make your website more user-friendly. On our usability page you can learn to most import things you will need to put into consideration.
  • You have heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others but don’t really know how to use these social networks. We will work you through a step by step tutorial on how you keep in touch with your visitors.
  • Who should make decision of my site? I or my visitors
  • How can I measure visitors reactions on my site.