Podcast (originates from iPod und Broadcast): It's simply the transmission of audio and video programs in internet, which could be subscribed and downloaded by users through News-Feeds. The principle is comparable to conventional TV and Radio transmissions. The transmission is time- independent and can therefore be heard day and night. Podcasts are often run by private website owners, who specialise themselves in a particular field of interest.

How does Podcast work ? It is very easy, producers record the program (Audio or Video data) using a computer. Add some background music and publish this via RSS-Feed on net. With a special software called  Feedreader / Podcatcher, users can subscribe for these feeds and listen to them on a computer or on an MP3-Player. There is a free program for apple devices which can be downloaded from iTunes , this enables you to transfer the podcast to the MP3-Player and play-back. For video podcast you can use Miro-Player

What do I need to be able to produce a podcast:

  • First of all you need a video camera (camcorder), with which you can record your video, this should have a USB-port, so that you can connect directly to your computer and upload your video.
  • You will need a good and well functioning microphone, with which you can make qualitative recordings
  • A recording software: there are a lot of paid and free softwares to choose from. here are some few examples:
    • For Video podcast:
      • Pinnacle (Paid), appropriate for professional video recording .
      • VirtualDub (free)
      • For windows operating system, is the Windows Movie Marker integrated
      • For Mac OS X Operating system is the iMovie integrated
    • For Audio recording:
      • Audacity (Free): remember to install MP3-Encoder (converter) before you start recording, so that you can later save in MP3 format
      • You can get an Encoder here
      • After recording the audio or video program, host the podcast with a hosting provider and link it up in your personal blog. You will need to choose a blog category here. Using a Feed Burner you can produce a Podcast feed