seo chartYour Website have to be adequately optimized in order to make it findable on net, which means it is important to register your new website with the various search engines. However with programs like Crawler, Robots Spiders from Google, you may not necessarily need a registration since these will be automatically recognised. On the other hand, the probability of your website not being displayed on other homepages is still high.

Criteria used by search engines to assess your website:

  • Keywords: most search engines use the headings of your sites for their assessment
  • Links: e.g. backlinks of your website to various well known websites and vice-versa
  • The click rates of the links to your website

Search Engine Optimisation is a subtopic of Search Engine Marketing:
SEM is one of the comprehensive and complex online marketing strategies
SEO: refers to unpaid advertising, which is solely aimed at optimizing your website ranking in the organic listing, which means being able to be listed at the most top position on search results page. SEO is subdivided into On-Page (applies to internal factors, such as qualitative contents) and Off-Page Optimisation (applies to external factors such as backlinks).
Due to irregular changes in search engine algorithm and updates, changes on your site might not necessarily influence your ranking. This makes seo sometimes difficult and boring.
All the same these factors are important in order for your site to get a higher ranking:

  • use relevant content
  • use relevant keywords
  • good internal backlinks
  • a site void of flash photos or AJAX pages
  • good structured pages with different and interesting topics
  • label your pictures or photos (alt-text)
  • give your sites relevant titles
  • use Meta-tags
  • maintain a fast browse capacity

despite the basics listed above, it is also rewarding backlinking to other websites with similar focus as your website. Consider the history of site backlinking to your site and how its Url is depicted. here you can track the clicks on your site in real-time

As an alternative to the free seo, the sea which is paid could be used to get a higher rank. The advert is usually displayed on top of the search results or on the right side on the search results. To apply this form of advertisement use

  • Google Adwords.
  • Yahoo Serach Marketing.
  • Microsoft AdCenter User-interface

How do I create a search engine friendly website, in order to be well positioned and also to generate more traffic to my site?

  • It is recommended to choose a short and meaningful domain name for your site. Also consider choosing a top-level domain like (.com, .de, .net .info etc.)
  • Register your Website with well known Search engine e.g.
  • Create a well structured website, this does not only make life easy for users but also help search engines to analyse your website
  • Use qualitative contents that are short and informative. This should be regularly updated, also use meaningful keywords for headings. Check for which keywords better describes your site on the following links:
  • Use possibly short URLs, with this, you make it easy for Crawler to perform its duty efficiently
  • ​Use Sitemaps, this helps users and search engines to find certain contents.
  • Test your sites on different browsers like (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox)
  • In order to make your Website to be found easily on the Internet, you can list the URL's of your sites directly on the various search engines