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handshakeDacsmarketing is an information platform for young entrepreneurs, especially self starters and small business groups who are aspiring to become successful both off- and online. You will find on this website advices, tutorials, issues, tools and topics that can help you achieve this goal. Starting up a business is not an easy task. It requires patience, skills and adequate knowledge about both your chosen field and if applicable the internet platform also.


bank notes

This is the most crucial point for most entrepreneurs. Some times you hear people blaming tax authorities for making life so difficult for entrepreneurs, sometimes too expensive buying conditions which suppliers induce on products or high salary rates for personnel. Its better to look deep into the possible financial cost which you might come across during your setup to avoid sudden shock.


tax forms

The fear of most young entrepreneurs and even most experienced entrepreneurs is high rate of tax payments, but this is part of every legal business and can not be avoided. Although if one consider the way authorities handle this issue, it could be annoying however the advantages of such stress is that, it force you to properly manage your business which means you always have an up to date overview of your sales and earnings.


law books

If you already have a business idea, a business plan, adequate finances, then you are about done. The next important step you might have to take is to decide on the Legalform of your proposed business. The type of form you choose might have influences on the taxes you will have to pay and how complex the bureaucracy will be. It is essential to understand the various forms before deciding on which to choose.


businessplan presented on a blackboardA business plan is a must for anyone who intends to setup and be successful. This plan should be your companion in whatever step you take. It contains important information about potential investors, employees, prospective customers, financial institutions etc. Do not underrate the effectiveness of a well written business plan, you will need this plan in order to get a loan from a bank. So the more authentic it is, the greater your chances are to convince a bank.