www+globusAll marketing activities which takes place on internet could be regarded as e-marketing, online-marketing, web-marketing, e-Commerce etc. Online advertisement is continuously growing and highly ranked compared to Newspaper or television advertisements. Some people think online marketing is very easy, be cautioned one can also make a lot of mistakes here. It therefore recommended to draw up a plan before you start. Affiliate-marketing, Search engine marketing (SEM), Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing (SMM), Customer relationship management (CRM) are some of the online marketing channels a business website should have, if you want to be success these days.

The aim of any website operator is to make a successful website which is aimed at a targeted audience . Some of the questions we are confronted with after investing our time and energy in creating our sites are :

  • How will people know about the site?
  • How will the site be found on search engines?
  • What impressions do potential visitors make?
  • How are the products going to be presented?
  • How do you make money with your site?

all these questions could be grouped into online marketing. The internet is a fast growing medium with which one can reach millions of people within a short time compared to the newspaper. As a website operator you should be able to provide the audience with what they are searching for (which means quality, relevant and confidential data),  if not they can change to your competitors just per mouse click. The first impression is very important.

Online Marketing can be classified into the following channels:

  • Banner Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Website Optimisation and usabilty /Web Analytics

Mistakes you should avoid if you want to be successful with your online marketing campaign

  1. Choose the right domain main: its advisable to choose a country specific ending domain name for example .de for Germany, .co.uk for United Kingdom etc. so that you can be found in contries search engines
  2. Avoid too long domain names: which cannot be easily memorised.
  3. Avoid using keywords names as domain names
  4. Avoid complicated navigation of your site: so that users can easily find what they are searching for.
  5. Make show you do regular checks on your site: to verify if all pages accessible.
  6. Consider the needs of your visitors and implement it
  7. Make sure you make a good plan for your online campaign so that your advert will not be posted on the wrong site to avoid not reaching the right audience
  8. Use web analytics tools to check pages that are mostly visited and which are often ignored. What contents are of most interest.
  9. Optimise your website for the different browsers to avoid disappointments
  10.  Provide good quality content at regular interval
  11. Beware of backlinks it might bring you down
  12. Use the search engine advertising eg. Google Adwords effectively

Affiliate-marketing: In this form of online-marketing merchants (Suppliers or retailers) advertise their products on the websites of publishers (affiliates), this takes place through a link or banner placed on his homepage, blogs etc. Through this, the publisher generates customers for the merchant, he is then rewarded with a commission or fee for his services. Such an affiliate-link contains a special code, with which he is identified by the merchant, with this code the merchant is able to spot out from whom the customer is coming from. Commissions could generated through clicks on the advertising media e.g. the pay per click. It could be also based on conveying qualified leads, the pay per lead, for example if customers follow an affiliate link to a merchants site and subscribe for newsletters,  download files, softwares and related documents or sign up for the trails product/service. There is also the 'pay per sale' and other varieties of affiliate programs.

Primarily this advertising concept comprises of a Sales model in which the merchant can sell his own products on the affiliates website or can create a space on his own site for partners to sell their products. Most newspaper, magazine and book publishers use this kind of model for their business.

Affiliates networks: Cj, Tradedoubler, Adbutler, Superclix, Belboon, Webgains, Affiliwelt, Vitrado, Affili4u, Tracado, Affili24, Affiliscout, 24interactive, Adcell, Affilicrawler, Affilimall.ch, Werbebooster, affiliate4you.ch, Adclick,Advip, Affili35, Affilio, Affiliplus, Affilipool, Affiligeld, xWerbe, Linkshare, Share-A-Sale

Payment models in Affiliate-marketing:

  • Pay-per-Click (PPC): also known as cost-per-click (CPC), its the most important model in affiliate-marketing. This model should be used if the traffic on a website is to be increased. Google AdSense for example works with this model, however the advertising medium should match the content of the affiliate site
  • Pay-per-Lead (PPL): also called pay-per-action, a commission will be paid if a customer is lead through an affiliate link to a merchant's site. This is suitable for online consultancy or service oriented firms who through for example the filling of contact forms or PDF downloads, commercialize their business
  • Pay-per-Sale: Payment is made either fully or perceptually for each item sold. This normally takes place within 30-90 days after sales
  • Pay-per-Link: a link will be place on an affiliates site for certain range of time. The merchant pays for this time range
  • Pay-per-install: An affiliate is rewarded with a commission, if a user installs a program which is placed on his site. This takes effect, when the user clicks on the installation link or if the program signals an online installation.
  • Pay-per-Signup (PPS): The affiliate is rewarded a commission if a user registers on the merchant's website
  • Pay-per-Lifetime (PPL): A user registers through a link on an affiliates site. The affiliate receives each time a commission for all feature sales. This model could be very charming for an affiliate, especially the PPP-Sectors e.g. Porn, Pills and Poker

Banner Marketing

Some websites uses this business model as their principal earnings. They place adverts on their sites eg. banners, if any one clicks on an advertising banner and is led to the website of the provider.
The provider pays the publisher for this service. This can be a very lucrative but also bear in mind that visitors, visit a website for a completely different reason as just to click on your adverts,
they may only see your banner advert by chance and might click on it, if they find it interesting. A great traffic is therefore essential to get enough clicks.

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