Banner Marketing

Some websites uses this business model as their principal earnings. They place adverts on their sites eg. banners, if any one clicks on an advertising banner and is led to the website of the provider.
The provider pays the publisher for this service. This can be a very lucrative but also bear in mind that visitors, visit a website for a completely different reason as just to click on your adverts,
they may only see your banner advert by chance and might click on it, if they find it interesting. A great traffic is therefore essential to get enough clicks.
The question is what sort of banner is most favored and can fetch more clicks or what sort of banner is more effective. There is no general answer to this question.
The Clickrate (also known as click-through-rate (CTR))  shows how interesting or relevant, visitors found the banner.The following factors drawn visitors attention to click:

  • Design
  • Placement
  • The environment where the banner is placed (targeted audience)

The Performance is measured as clicks per impression x100:

Types of banners
There differents types of banners can be grouped into static and dynamic banners. A static banner has a fixed image which doesn't change.
A dynamic banner however has animated images which changes continuously as a result possess the ability to divert vistors attention.

  • Videobanner: shows a little film
  • Pop-Up-banner: opens a new window in the browser. This is sometimes annoying
  • Rich-Media-Banner: a combination of sound and interactions, can draw the maximum attention of visitors. Its disadvantage it’s the data volume transfer. 
  • Sticky Ad: which sticks to the opened website at a particular position.could be very displeaseing

Banner Dimension

Bannerformat  Dimension in pixel
Full Banner  468 x 60
Super Banner  728 x 90
Expandable Super Banner  728 x 300
Rectangle  180 x 50
medium rectangle  300 x 250
Standard Skyscraper  120 x 600
Wide Skyscraper  160 x 600
Expandable Skyscraper  420 (160) x 600
Flash  400 x 400
Button  120 x 90

There a several of websites on which you can place your banner advert, to make the work easier, there are a lot of angencies that help to manage this eg. Google Adwords, these agencies known where specifically your targeted audience can be found.


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