Make Money

How do I make money with my website?

  • Google AdSense: Is a free program provided by Google with which website owners can make money. It doesn't matter if you are operating a private or a commercial site. This works by placing a link on your homepage, google will place adverts on regular basis on this site. The program analyses the content of your site and place related adverts which correspond to the content on your site.

how does this work?
Create an account on Google-AdSense-Account, you will then recieve a HTML-code, which you can place in your website or blog source code. This should be placed in all regions where the Ads should later appear. It is very important to place the Ads in such a way, to generate high click rates. According to Google the best way to place Ads is at the right side in skyscraper-Format

You will also receive a software from Google, with which you can monitor the click rates. The next step is, try to generate as much traffic as possible. Optimise the content and Keywords of your Website in order to adequately use Google Adsense.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Is presently one of the strongest growing income generating canals in onlinemarketing. This advertising method is based on the concept of Partnerprograms. Affiliate marketing is ideal for both Merchants and Affiliates (Publishers). It will be good if this were related to goods and services which user are exactly looking for. One can make lots of money with affiliate marketing compared to other onlinemarketing canals

One of the most search topics presently in this canal is Coupon, however a regular statistical check of the conversion rates is important to avoid Fraud, Bran hijacking, cookie-Dropping and Click fraud. There are certain tools used to monitor and protect such incidents. Because of the complications which sometimes accompany Affiliate marketing, it might be worth it contacting affiliate aggencies before you start. These agencies have expierence in this branch. They know the "do's and don'ts" of this branch. Please search the net for such agencies

When should one start with affiliate marketing?

This the the question most beginners are trouble with at the early stages of their internet presences: it is however recommended to start with the other online marketing canals before commencing with affiliate marketing. First when these other canals are fully optimised, is the probability of making success with affiliate maketing high. It is better to start with SEA and SEO to findout if you product or service will be acepted by potential users and also if your website is well optimised.