Mozilla Thunderbird

mozillathunderbirdHow to set up an email account using Mozilla Thunderbird

Generally the principle of setting up an email account is often similar to other email programs.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird Start by going to to download the latest version of mozilla thunderbird



  • Follow the instructions to install the downloaded file.
  • After the installation you will find the thunderbird icon on your desktop, double click to lunch thunderbird.

Configuring an email account

Before commencing with this process you need the following:

  • Email Address:
  • Username: (this is the name of the email account created on the provider site)
  • Password: (is got from the email you created on the provider site)
  • incoming mail server and port/ outgoing mail server and port: (got from your provider site)

open thunderbird web browser by double clicking on its icon
select the Tools menu from the toolbar, then Account settings

go to “Account Actions” and select “Add Mail Account”


enter the a name which will appear when someone receives your mail into the box
enter an email address of your choice, this should first be created on the provider site. If everything goes on well. You will receive a message containing your username and password which you can enter in the password section above.
click on continue, thunderbird will try to determine your account settings based on the portion of your email address with @ symbol .Press on Manual configuration and you will be taken to this section:


fill in the requested fields:

Incoming : you can either select POP3 or IMAP
Server hostname: you should get this from your provider
It is recommended to use encrypted SSL connection for sending and receiving mails by selecting a a secured authentication

Use the following port for encrypted SSL
Port: incoming mail server POP3 Port 995
incoming mail server IMAP Port 993
outgoing mail server Port 465

Use the following port for unencrypted SSL
Port: incoming mail server POP3 Port 110
incoming mail server IMAP Port 143
outgoing mail server Port 25 or 587