What is a favicon?

Favicon its an acroynm for favourite icon.Thie could simply be the site's logo. It's is usually displayed in a tab, url or webpage on the left hand side of the page's name. It is unique to that particular site. With favicons your site tends to stand out from other sites and any where the icon is seen customers can easily recognise it as being related to your site. Its one of the professional ways to present your site.

favicon displayed intab

How to create favicons?

There are several favicon generators but first of , you will need an image which you can the download. Just follow the steps on those sites to create your own favicon with appropriate dimensions.The standard format for favicons according to W3C is an image format of either 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels using 8 or 24 bits colours. The file should then be saved as favicon.ico. It can then be uploaded to the root directory of your domain, clear the site cache and this should appear on the top left side next to the page's name in the tab.

Another site that might interest you is RealFaviconGenerator.net: you can enter your domain in the provided link. This will check if your favicon meet the required standards if not it will help to edit your image and at the end provide a code which you can place in your root directory

enter site url









This performs several checks on the favicon and helps edit if it does'nt meet required standards. Enter the Url and click on check favicon. The result of the analysis will be displayed. Now to let the site assist you in create an appropriate favicon, click on the button on the right hand side on select favicon picture and upload your image. The image will be scanned to see if it has the appropriate size/dimension. If not reload a new image or continue with the old image. it takes your through some steps. Till at the end you are prompted to download your created favicon and copy the genrated code and place it in the root of your site.

The checked page displays such an information:

checked favicon

To generate the code following the displayed steps:

genrating favicon

You can adjust the settings to suit your desires and the click on generate html code to generate the code and download the favicon. The next page looks like this: favicon code